cuddleWhen she was only six months old, she would not put her arms around my neck. As a little girl, she did not hold my hand as we crossed the street. When she was three, she did not come to sit on my lap. As a toddler, she refused every kiss at night. For a long time play fighting was the only way for us to have any form of physical contact at all. When she was four and a half, this started to change slowly. First, she would come to sit on my lap, then she started cuddling and lately, she will not go to sleep without a night kiss ‒ all be it that it has to be exactly three kisses, at a certain pace, on the mouth.

I had almost forgotten that it didn’t use to be like this. Until today, she is eight years old and she put her arms around my middle as she sat on the back of my bike. For the first time! It feels wonderful. With tears in my eyes, I silently enjoyed this moment.

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